Accenture vs deloitte reddit

I am a senior accounting student. It is an entry-level consultant position. Accenture gave me limited time to decide whether to accept the offer or not. Since I am graduating in December and I was an intern for one of the big 4 accounting firm, I am very likely to get an full-time offer from the big 4 firm, and the position is based in the U.

My plan is going to graduate school in the U. S most likely MBA program after working full-time for several years and develop my career here in the U.

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So I cannot decide which way to go at this time. Because except for the potential big 4 accounting position, it is possible for me to find other full-time jobs in the consulting field can't get in top-tiers, but possibly boutique consulting firms.

Will people in the U. Or Should I negotiate to just get an internship in Accenture and keep looking for jobs in the U. Here the distinction is made between accounting and consulting practices at big 4 and Accenture.

Couple things that I don't agree with here. That's so untrue. Also, as you move the ladder in Big 4 and in Industry, you tend to work more hours.

Accenture Consulting vs Deloitte Advisory - Advice on the offers

This is very unlikely. You will need to be on the upper tier of ratings, and know a partner or two who wants you in Advisory. My take is, if you want to do consulting, go with a Consulting position.

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If you don't know what you want, then flip a coin. When you compare Deloitte and Accenture you have to take into account where within you are working and where in the world you are working. Consulting companies are not like a Fortune manufacturing company. They are disjointed trees of partnerships.

Deloitte may have an aerospace practice in their Seattle office that is better than any MBB aerospace practice in the world.Welcome toand our annual management consulting salaries report! The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Big players in the consulting industry have expanded their capabilities through strategic acquisitions. Boutique players continue to enter the market, threatening the bigger players with their lower fee offerings.

Additionally, large corporations have increased their reliance on in-house strategy houses. Amidst structural changes in the consulting industry, the industry has continued to grow.

Overall, the impact of these changes on consulting salaries has put upward pressure on U. The type of hiring consulting firms are conducting is also changing. This year, many consulting firms have increased their recruitment of specialists especially those with technological expertiseexperienced hires, and candidates from non-target schools.

Below are salary figures for those joining management consulting positions in All salary figures are in U.

accenture vs deloitte reddit

If you have any management consulting salary data you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. As always, your anonymity is guaranteed. Reach out to be included. Monthly internship salaries are typically prorated based on starting salaries for new hires.

Here are the internship salaries:. What fun are full-time consulting offers when there is no bonus?

accenture vs deloitte reddit

Full-time hires can receive signing bonuses, relocation bonuses, end-of-year performance bonuses, and more. Interns are less likely to receive bonuses, although some firms do offer relocation or signing bonuses. When analyzing these bonuses, there are 6 things you should keep in mind:. The salaries above are for full-time hires and interns coming straight from university. Often, our interview prep clients will receive slightly higher job offers in tech than in consulting.

However, the salary growth in management consulting outpaces many industry positions. Because of that, the net income after a few years in consulting can exceed those in other industries, despite an initially lower base pay.

Accenture (SI) vs Deloitte (BTA)

Additionally, when promoted to the next level which usually happens every yearsthe increase in your income is substantially larger. Note that most full-time recruits will not make it to Partner. Many consulting firms have an up-or-out promotion structure. Because of the up-or-out structure and attractive exit opportunities, only a small percentage of recruits make it all the way to Senior Partner. Regardless, the salary growth is substantial for each promotion you receive at a consulting firm.

Although your salary increases relatively rapidly within a top consulting firm, you typically receive a pay increase when leaving. In the U. There is a large variation in management consulting salaries within firms across different countries. We have observed extremely high management consulting salaries in the U.I've read older threads on this topic, have interacted with people in these firms and my take is this:.

ATK - have an ambitious growth target, could be fun if they don't die doing it. People I met were all consistently very nice -- which seemed to match their taglines of being down to earth etc. They seem to pay pretty well too. I know that their strategy portion of work is pretty low, more of it is ops focused. I just felt that ATK felt like a lot more pure play in comparison I could be wrong and I'm happy to be yelled at.

Unclear what their work coverage will be once the integration is done and they have to exit clients where they overlap with audit. Some question marks here. And I've also consistently heard negative things about the culture - and I know quite a few ex-Booz people and I never got a good feel for the place.

If things work out, at this moment I'm leaning towards ATK. Not applying to MBB for personal reasons and no, I haven't applied in the last 1 year either Not sure you have a great understanding of consulting or what these firms do, so I would advise you to talk to more people and ask more basic questions. Also, would be interesting to get more clarity on your issue with MBB as you should be targeting them as well if you are pursuing consulting.

Are you recruiting outside of b school channels? I think one interesting thing about ATK though is they operate more seamlessly globally, so for the individual consultant that means more quick opportunities to work abroad on projects if you're interested in that.

Just be careful in your discussions while recruiting to not come across as ignorant and as someone only interested in "Strategy" as you never know who you'll be speaking with. What questions do you recommend asking? I know it sounds like a dumb question but I'm positive there are lots of candidates out there without any prior exposure to consulting who are wondering the same thing.

So any help will be appreciated. To answer some of your points. I know a lot of people in there and have spoken to them. My mention of ATK supply chain was to counter anyone mentioning that they do a lot of procurement work they do, no doubt, but that's not all they do. I'm recruiting outside b-school as I'd be a lateral. The reason I'm not doing MBB is mostly because of lateral positioning issues. Two of the 3 were interested in speaking to me but I have absolutely no intention of starting all over, doesn't matter if it's MBB or not.

I have no doubt that they are a class apart in some areas, but please humor me and my choices. I'm interested in hearing all your views of the firms in general - with the knowledge that I am comfortable with ops along with strategy projects. I live in the north west US and am hoping to move to east coast, and all these firms have good presence.

I do find ATK's international options very attractive.Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here.

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Candidates who prepare for consulting interviews sometimes ask us the following question: which consulting firms pay best? We have analysed the information available on Glassdoor.

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And this percentage difference stays relatively consistent from entry level to Partner. In both groups, base salaries grow relatively quickly. This estimate assumes that you spend 1. The average salary for each group and level is available in the graphs below. The name of the different levels changes from firm to firm. In the table below, we standardised the name for each level across the different firms to make a clean comparison see section 5.

accenture vs deloitte reddit

Detailed salaries for each company are also available at the end of this article in addition to the averages above. We have listed typical ranges for the US and UK in the tables below. On the contrary, if you have an awful year, you might not get any performance bonus at all. In the US and UK, the consulting firm you work for will also usually match your contributions to your pension pot.

This pension pot is called a k in the US. Finally, consulting firms also usually give a signing bonus to their new employees as well as a relocation bonus when you have to move city to join an office.

In addition, the range of salaries varies much more for partners than consultants as their compensation is largely based on how much project revenue they manage to sell.

MY EXPERIENCE WORKING AT THE BIG 4? (risk consultant, audit, interview tips, pros & cons) - bySanjna

Based on glassdoor. In the tables below we detail how we came to the different conclusions listed above. Each consulting firm uses different names for consultants at different levels. To be able to compare salaries across firms we built the mapping tables below.I've been lurking this forum for a while but now that I'm at a crossroads with job offers, I figured I would come out of the shadows for some help.

Here are my current three offers all are in the same city :. I know money isn't everything, but the pay gap is actually pretty large between Accenture and the other firms, especially because of the overtime, and I am graduating with a good amount of student loans. But I am hesitant because I have heard that MBB tends to have this unspoken rule about ever letting people from Accenture in and:. I'm guessing you read the Accenture interview article from ManagementConsulted.

Although it may have applied at some point, I believe this to be more of a myth than truth. I've actually met a number of people that have moved from Accenture to MBBalthough at the manager level. I don't think recruiters at MBB are going to look at a candidate from Accenture and automatically assume that they will not be competent enough to work at their firm. It will all come down to the experience you gain on your projects and how you tell your story--and this is true for any firm you decide to join.

From what has been posted here don't expect to get paid OT at Accenture Lot of people from ACN, etc. If you are in a stressed financial situation I find it a bit odd that you'd pass up on 17k for a maybe true urban legend about a move you may make. Chase the money, pay off those debts and be free.

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Definitely go Accenture. It will bring you piece of mind from those loans. And if MBB wont hire you because you worked at Accenture and did what was best for you then they are a-holes. However, I doubt this is the case and it shouldn't hinder your chances in the future to work there at all.

I'd go with Accenture. Accenture MC vs. To the Consulting world, I currently have a solid gig at Accenture in Management Consulting primarily on Tech engagementsbut most recently have been heavily solicited by all of the Big 4 firms that are building up their Management Consulting practices for Tech Advisory. Is it better to stay at a firm that may be considered lower tier, yet specializes in all things Tech, vs.So I'm trying to decide on which position to take, and after doing a lot of research, they're both kinda even, but im leaning towards Deloitte --Accenture seems to be the leader in tech industry esp with possible acquisition of booz and currently ranked 1 for tech consulting.

Deloitte is definitely top 3 at tech consulting, but theyre better known for non-tech consulting. The main reason was the service line I was placed into at Deloitte. I got placed into Information Management Service Line which is a very good field to get experience in and I think it will help me out in the long run. Also I heard from lots of people that Deloitte has better name on your resume for future jobs. You also get to start with over analysts that are your age so it will be easier to make friends and enjoy work.

At the end of the day they're both great firms and you'll be fine at either. I would recommend you call your recruiter and ask what service line you were placed in. Vault places them well below Deloitte. Vault's ranking is on management consulting if I am not mistaken. Accenture is very high up there in terms of technology consulting, implementation.

Not just on size but also the qualities. I mean if Technology consulting is not your ultimate goal, you want to take a look at which options gets you into better MBA school. I think they both offer very similar experiences if you are in technology groups. Accenture might even offer better experience in terms of technology projects just by looking at its size and the diversity of its projects and options.

At the end of the day MBA admission will look at how you add value to your work, not necessary if your work is closer to MC. There are many cases where an Accenture team had to finish off what Deloitte couldn't accomplish in a project.

That being said, if you are looking at getting reimbursed in MBA, I believe Deloitte will be a better bet. Both firm have IT strategy work which is more similar to what MC does.

accenture vs deloitte reddit

Though I gotta say the relative proportion of MC work in Accenture is smaller again, due to its sheer size in technology, not necessary the absolute size of the group though.

Accenture being bigger, it might be easier to navigate your way or find a project you have more interest in. However that is also a con since you would be almost like a fish in a big sea. Deloitte looks after you a bit more, though that also could mean that if you screw up once, your rep may not be able to let you have a second chance. Either way, both firms will offer you great learning experience. Just need to build your case as you progress in your career and get in a top MBA, then the rest will be history.

I just called up the recruiter before accepting and he told me the service line they are most likely going to place me in initially. You get placed into your first project and then you have the opportunity to switch after that, but it's better to get placed in something you think you'll like than to get placed somewhere you don't know about at all. Accenture and Deloitte 's starting salaries should roughly be the same 75k - 85k depending on locationbut since I don't go to a top school, Deloitte is paying me less than other kids who go to better schools for the same position!

Although I paid a lot less tuition than those kids. Hopefully after two years I can renegotiate my salary to atleast match those kids. Accenture offered me what Deloitte should have offered me.

Starting salary won't matter in 5 years. Pick the best company with the best opportunities and the best fit. That's the way the business world works. Come on, Keith!McKinsey is now seen as the best professional services firm to work for.

No surprise, right? And what is more, this shows how professional services is changing. Last year McKinsey placed third, right in the middle of the big four. However, the real surprise in the results is further down. This is where Bain and Boston Consulting place.

Yet Boston places sixth and Bain comes in a lowly eighth, ignomiously sandwiched between johnny-come-latelies such as Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters.

2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns

Moreover, on the really big swinging criteria such as being seen as industry leaders, salary, bonus and offering challenging work, MBB still do very well. So what is going on here? Dig a little deeper and one of the biggest clues may be working hours. It has, in the past been something of a badge of honour to be at your desk at midmight. However, the big four are generally seen as much better when it comes offering manageable hours.

MBB also score poorly in terms of flexible working although not to quite the same degree. That McKinsey still comes out as number one despite this is a testament to its overall quality outweighing these factors. This also tells you something interesting about consultancy.

Yes, people are motivated by the money and status. But these are not the only things. So perhaps consultants need to think beyond their brilliance and reputations being enough to attract the best staff. There are a couple more surprises. One is how well Bloomberg does. Perhaps next year it could be edging into the leader board. What then, to make of Accenture? Number eight last year, nine this year.

Could it still be unfairly tainted by its association with Andersen, which was bought down by Enron? Has its slighly quixtoic name never seemed quite serious enough?

Or is it seen as too focussed on tech and niche? The Burger King of consulting. Moving on and it is highly notable that the greatest disconnect between what people see as important and what companies excel in lies in areas such as corporate citizenship, diversity and CSR.

No company scored over ten percent for these as a strength. Yet for the most part over 50 percent of survey and as high as 80 percent of respondents said these were important. This is not so much a gap as a yawning chasm.

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